Since its founding, Pichler GFG AG offers vehicles of various brands for sale. Our broad brand portfolio offers the ideal opportunity to meet very different needs.

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Good service is the result of training and experience. We offer our customers both and perform service and repair of the offered brands.

Classic Center

Classic cars deserve real attention and real competence. With our experienced team, we help to preserve and restore precious collectors and emotional items.


The storage of exquisite vehicles has always been an integral part of Pichler GFG AG. Constant temperature and humidity are the basic requirements for optimal storage, which we can guarantee thanks to the technical infrastructure of our warehouses.


Values must be preserved. Therefore, the right insurance is often important. Hense, we offer insurance through cooperation with various providers.

Mercedes Benz

Each of our brands has its own character. That suits our customers.

The premium brand Mercedes-Benz offers the right vehicle for everyone. Safety and the highest quality define every Mercedes-Benz.

Porsche defines the concept of sports cars like no other brand with the 911. This sports car has fascinated young and old for generations. At the same time, Porsche offers a sports car for every situation with its 718, Cayenne, Panamera and Macan.

There is no comparable car brand in the world: Bugatti is unique. That’s what Ettore Bugatti believed during his lifetime. And that’s how it is today. The Bugatti brand, based in Molsheim, was coined by an Italian family of artists. It drew inspiration mainly from architecture, sculpture and design.

About us

Cars are our passion.

In 1988, we laid the foundation for today’s Pichler GFG AG.

Erich and Othmar Pichler lead the automobile experience center together with their team at the gates of the world-famous health resort Gstaad. Sales and service are offered for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bugatti. The offer also includes a classic center, vehicle storage and various other services.




Our history

On January 1st 1988, the company Pichler Cars was founded in Feutersoey. In the commercial register, this company was registered as a sole proprietorship Pichler Cars with proprietor Othmar Pichler. Over the years the company was always build up together and under the administrative direction of Erich Pichler, who has been managing the sole proprietorship Pichler Treuhand since 1987. Initially, a space of approximately 75 m2 was rented, in which mainly body works were carried out by Othmar Pichler. Over time, more employees were hired and the field of activity expanded.

1991 – move into the new building, storage of the most important Ferrari collection in the world

1992 – Renting of further halls for the storage of exclusive customer vehicles

1995 – Takeover of local agency Nationale Suisse

1996 – Takeover of official brand representation Chrysler and Jeep

1999 – Foundation of Pichler GFG AG / Buy property and start construction of new dealership

2002 – Move to the new car dealership / takeover of the official Mercedes-Benz dealership

2002 – Purchase neighboring property for the purpose of creating land reserves

2003 – Appointment as official Mercedes-Benz Classic Partner

2005 – Appointment as Porsche Service Partner

2006 – Takeover of official brand Dodge

2007 – Appointment as Bentley Service Partner

2008 – Completion and purchase of additional building

2009 – Appointment as Bugatti dealer

2010 – Termination of Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge

Career at Pichler

We take as much time for our personnel decisions as we do for our customers. We pursue a long-term, partnership approach with both. Working at Pichler GFG AG means being part of a highly experienced and specialized team. It means being part of a team committed to long-term success.

We live a results-oriented culture. Job postings are published in the well-known job portals. In addition, we are pleased to receive unsolicited applications at info(at)